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Friday, March 23, 2012

Get a Superstar Membership & Stardollars:

How to become a Superstar & buy Stardollars without using your own money?! (No Scam)

Alot of poeple can't afford being a superstar....stardoll keeps 

getting more expensive and not many people  

can't buy the memberships. So I found this site that helps you get 

Paypal money so you can buy your membership.

This site is not a scam. This is probably the only legit way on the 


It has a forum to prove to you that you can get paid. Here it is:

The first step to becoming a Superstar is create a Paypal account at do not need a credit 

card...just an email to confirm your account.

Next go to this site: (Make sure you use this link )

Sign up and confirm your account.

Prizelive helps you get points which can turn into Paypal money.

Click on the Earn tab...then click the offers choice it should take you to this page:

Click on the first offer...the first few offers credit usually fast.

Get enough points for the membership you want.

If the membership you want is 6.95$ Get 6.95 points.

Or you can earn more points by playing Games:

After you're done getting your points click on the rewards tab:

Then click on Cash. Go to the paypal one ad put your points & Email.

You should get your money instantly if not you just have to wait 2 days since its your first time join the site.

Now you can go to your stardoll and buy your membership.

If you still need help add me on stardoll: Julz2001 Or you can watch this video to help you out:

The Best Place for Stardollars